Wait, WHAT?

Starting in November of 2013, you can join our Community Supported Pie adventure!  We’re excited to start baking old and new kinds of pie, so we hope you join us!

What is Community Supported Pie (CSP)?

We’re glad you asked.  CSP is a chance for you to support a homegrown business while enjoying homemade pie.  Adapted from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, you buy a share to regularly support the efforts of a local, community business (us!) and we make you a special pie each month.  It’s kind of like buying a season ticket to pie!  (You can always gift one of the pies to a friend if you don’t like to eat a pie each month like we do.)

How Does it Work?

Sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month share and receive a large, made-from-scratch pie once a month.  (Did you know we use only honey to make our pies naturally sweet and only organic whole wheat flour in our crusts?  Some of us–you know who you are–have been known to eat a slice of peach blueberry with granola topping for breakfast…)  Pickup locations are either here at the Antique Sandwich Co. in Tacoma or at Traditions in Olympia.  We will add your email to our Community Supported Pie list and send you the insider scoop on each month’s pie and details about the pickup day.  (See the pickup schedule below)

Why are you doing this?

It’s simple. We love making and eating pies.  And we think we make a darn good one.

How much is it?

A 3 month share is $60
A 6 month share is $120
A 12 month share is $240
Limited offer! Sign up in November for a 12 month share and receive a free pie at the time of your choice!

Each pie makes 8-10 slices.
(Receive a free slice of pie when you sign up at the Antique!)

NOTE: Full pies are always available for purchase at the Antique with 24 hour notice. Prices vary from $25-30. 

How can I sign up?

call us:  (253) 752-4069
email us:  antiquesandwichco@gmail.com
talk to us at the Antique: 5102 N Pearl St  Tacoma, WA
sign up at Traditions: 300 5th Ave. SW Olympia, WA

Schedule for Pickups 
Pickup will generally be the 3rd Wednesday of the month, but it will change to accommodate special occasions like Thanksgiving! Christmas! and National Pie Day!
(Make sure to pick up your pie before we close!  On Wednesdays, The Antique closes at 7:30 and Traditions at 6pm)
Wed. November 27, 2013
Mon. December 23, 2013
Wed. January 15, 2014
Wed. February 19, 2014
Fri. March 14, 2014
Wed. April 16, 2014
Wed. May 21, 2014
Wed. June 18, 2014
Wed. July 16, 2014
Wed. Aug. 20, 2014
Wed. Sept. 17, 2014
Wed. Oct. 15, 2014